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These are the steps to register for APPS 2020:

Step 1: Prepare your Contact Person Confirmation Letter (CPCL)

  • Contact Persons need to ensure that participants from their member association are given a Contact Person Confirmation Letter (CPCL)

  • The template of the CP Confirmation Letter (CPCL) is attached to this email.

  • In the registration form (Form A), participants are required to upload their CPCL in the online registration form. 

  • Maximum file size for CPCL: 25MB

Step 2: Fill in the Registration form

  • The registration form (Form A) link will be available on our social media pages and APPS 2020 Website. 

  • Contact Persons, please share the link with your members in your association.

  • Social Media Pages:

Step 3: Receive Letter of Acknowledgment and Payment Notification

  • Upon successful registration, the APPS 2020 Reception Committee (RCs) in the Registration Team will send to the participants within 7 working days:

    • Letter of Acknowledgment (for personal use including Visa Application)

    • APPS 2020 Registration Number 

  • Participants will have 7 working days to complete the payment in SGD from the date that they receive the Payment Notification

    • Exception: Participants who require Visa Application to enter Singapore will be given 3 weeks to complete your payment. 

    • **Important Note: If you require a Visa, you must indicate on the Registration Form (Form A) of your requirement for Visa Application. There will be a question on whether you require a Visa to enter Singapore in the form.

    • If you require a Visa, you must update the Registration Team ( on the status of your visa application (pending/approved/unsuccessful).

    • If you miss the deadline, you will have to re-register. The Registration Phase that you re-register will be based on the date and quota at the point of re-registration, NOT the first time you register.

    • Please request for your bank to send the full amount of registration fee.

  • Send a screenshot or photo of the payment to BOTH:

    • APPS Treasurer:  

    • APPS Human Resource Director (Registration Team): 

    • Email subject of the payment (registration number_name_receipt).

      • Example (10102_kee siang_receipt).

      • Please attach the screenshot or photo of your payment receipt in this email.

Step 4: Receive Confirmation of Payment (Receipt)

  • Upon successful receipt of your payment, the APPS 2020 Reception Committee (RCs) will send to the participants within 14 working days:

    • Confirmation of Payment (Receipt)

  • You are officially part of the 19th IPSF APPS 2020 Singapore!

  • Stay updated on our social media pages!


About Visa




The Registration Fees for APPS will include the following items:

  • Accommodation (7D6N) and Venue for APPS 

  • All programmes and events in APPS

    • Symposiums, Workshops, Social Nights, Competitions, Public Health Campaign, etc

  • Transportation during the event

  • Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Refreshments)

  • APPS 2020 Welcome Pack 


Please note, the following are NOT included in the Registration Fees:

  • Flights to Singapore

  • Bank transfer fees

  • Personal allowances

  • Visa application fees

Cancellation Policy

In an unfortunate situation that a participant who have already paid the Registration Fees listed above and would like to cancel their application for APPS 2020, they must abide by this Cancellation Policy. Please read it carefully.


If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us via this email (

or the APPS 2020 Registration Team

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Wishing you a joyful and prosperous new year ahead and looking forward to meeting you in APPS 2020 in Singapore!